Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amelia Island is a Dog's World

Here on Amelia Island, it's a dog's world!

Unique Rentals caters to our canine buddies. We have many pet friendly accommodations on Amelia Island to suit all our puppies requirements. Our Amelia beach is a fun place to run and chase the birds or dolphins, and our many quiet walking trails are perfect for bird watching and exercise. Some lucky dogs get to ride with their owners in a golf cart, or pull them along on their bicycle!

You will make many friends at Amelia, while watching out for your loving master. The temperature is perfect for your fur coats generally, high 60's to low 70's in the daytime and low 40's to 50's in the evening.

We can even go to dinner with our owners most nights. There are quite a few restaurants on Amelia, who are pet friendly and love to see us: Pablo's Fine Mexican, Joe's 2nd Street Bistro, Arte Pizza, 29th South, Marche Burette, Gourmet Gourmet, Lu Lu's Bra & Grill and The Florida House to name a few! They even serve our favorite gourmet cookies at Redbones Dog Bakery and Boutique!

We have two animal hospitals on Amelia to take good care of us, and our own favorite pet sitters, so we don't miss out on any fun!

Don't worry Bailey, pet-friendly vacation rentals, at Unique Rentals of Amelia, Inc. will surely accommodate all of your master's needs as well.

Please have your owner contact Mariann at Unique Rentals to make arrangements.


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