Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Salt & Light Speakers Series

The Amelia Plantation Chapel is an interdenominational church which caters to renters and owners alike. Casual attire is acceptable. Children's nursery provided. Music is exceptional and our minister provides a wonderful message each week. Fellowship and classroom studies continue after the service.

Below is information on one of our activities:

The Salt & Light Speakers' Series of the Amelia Plantation Chapel highlights Christianity's impact on the world and the world's impact on Christianity. This past Sunday we enjoyed the remarks of Ken Jordan, who is involved in a Kairos Prison Ministry at Martin Correctional Institution near Ft. Pierce, Florida. Fifty-one Kairos teams involving 280 inmates (of 1500) are active in prayer groups at the prison. So what sustains Ken in his 12 years of work in this ministry? "I get to see the Creator of the universe change hearts. I get to see hopeless men find hope. See sad and lonely men smile. Man after man will stand up at the closing ceremony and say, I have never experienced love like this before."

Previous Salt & Light speakers have included Dr. Abraham Sarker, who heads Gospel for Muslims based in Dallas, who told of his own miraculous conversion to Christianity; Veeda Javaid, who runs 12 Christian schools in Pakistan, which is 98% Muslim; Kevin and Leah Kadwell, who are part of a ministry to the Dalits in India; Mike and Marty Edwards, who sold their local appliance business and their home, because they heard God's call to minister to a village in Honduras; Woody Lajara, who proclaimed that Christianity survived Castro, and who conducts Christian clinics throughout Cuba; and Diane Hamrick, who runs a ministry in a province outside Nairobi which is home to one million impoverished people.

The Series is open to the public; other church congregations are invited to attend; and there is no charge. Renters on Amelia Island are invited to attend and participate in this educational program.

Unique Realty is proud to promote these talks.



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